When we took this course we didn’t know how important the ICT world is in the field of teaching, particularly Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course ICT in TEFL is deeply worth and significant because it provokes participants to understand, acquire and develop competences about the amazing world of technology, internet and Web tools. I can assure that now I am very consistent in my sayings when we come to the use of internet at work. My colleagues almost admire me, and it is very rewarding from the professional perspective.  
I have increased my knowledge about the digital world and thus I have upgraded my competences in the use of all available tools in the Web we dealt with. More recently, I have been learning a lot from my classmates since they have done terrific jobs with the artifacts created. I am brand new in the use of technology (despite being working with it since long ago) and they had made me, unintentionally, produce better works and do better every day. To all of them, thank you very much!  

There were times when I just wanted to quit and leave all behind because the course is very time consuming and stressing. but at the end it paid off. Efforts doen now give results. Despite I am good observing rather than participating, I think we had been main stars in all duties we had to complete for the course. Now, I realize where I was and where I am in terms of ICT and the difference is, let me tell you, immense.

To Professor Evelyn, thanks a lot for being who you are. I consider you an excellent teacher, very demanding most of the time, but a good one. To all my classmates, thank you for letting me be part of your course and for giving me the chance to grow with you. To all of you thank you….
So long… Albert


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  1. Good for you. Indeed, the whole internet thing has revolutionized education.

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment. I only have two question. How did you get to my blog, cause it was for a subject from the master program and apparently no many people could get to this? I mean, I feel proud that some native speaker I don't know focus his attention to some writing did. By the way, it was in a rush and any mistake you noticed was produced due to that! thanks again and I hope to know more about you; you can find me on FB albert johann mendoza machado. so long!