When I started to use Web 2.0 tools as part of the ICT in TEFL subject, the first thing that came to my mind was “Jesus how difficult it is!”. But the truth is that the two aspects that make the process so difficult, from my point of view, is the time devoted to accomplish one task. Perhaps is that we don’t know how to manage our own time or we have to sincere our schedule and give each duty a real good time to be completed, but finally we have to do it and do it well and time should be a manageable variable. Another reason that makes the use of these kinds of tools difficult to control or perform is the lack of knowledge we, common beings, have about ICT related topics. Here, is when the project in Movie Maker we had to do appears. The Movie Maker is a tool embedded in the windows’ software which allows you to do projects and make them as movies in different formats, WMA for example.

This tool, as many other ones, is very useful when we deal with classroom strategies, but the use of this source in my context is “far fetch” because my students are really out of the motivation bus, they do not want to do more than grammar and only grammar in classes. They do not see other type of teacher than the one who just come into class and make them write on the book, makes workshops and assign simple task, “not very difficult to complete please”. The same happens to the parents. They do not want to be called to the school, especially if this represents their children are doing badly. Sometimes I’ve been scolded because of the grades the teenagers are getting. But this post is not about my problems but the way I actually did the Movie Maker project and the YouTube uploading
The first thing we had to do was to make this project with our own ideas and resources. We had to use as many pictures as possible to produce a video that serves for a purpose, communicating something. At the beginning it was extremely difficult because I had to find the appropriate pictures for my project and the right music also. So we had to download copyright free music and select the pictures from our existing files or download from internet. Then we had to use these resources to create a movie for the already established purpose. To be sincere, I tried to make this the best I could (and I still don’t know if I did it right) and produced a video for the wiki which I’m supposed to use in the subject (…as another duty to cover). Afterwards, we had to join in YouTube and create an account and upload this product, the movie. The end result can be watched in this same post. I hope you enjoy it the same as I did it when it was finished.

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